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Phi-Tech assists with many industries, specializing in cybersecurity and data loss prevention and recovery.


Young Doctor


We understand that the healthcare industry relies on the latest technology to streamline your processes and store confidential data. We specialize in HIPAA compliance and are up-to-date on the healthcare's ever-evolving IT solutions.  


Financial Services

We are experts in managing cybersecurity risks and data loss prevention and recovery. We can assist with security audits and manage your IT infrastructure with industry standards and our best practices.  

Construction Site Managers

Distribution & Wholesale

We can help you connect to a centralized system across multiple locations to streamline sales and shipping.  


Law Firms

We offer IT management and infrastructure assessment tailored to your needs. We have solutions for document management, time-keeping, and security.  

The New House

Real Estate

Keep connected to your clients in office and on-the-go. We can assist you with all your IT needs including document management and cloud services.

Modern Restaurant Kitchen


We offer cabling and camera systems for your business. We can also assist with time-keeping and POS technologies. 

Business Owner

Small Business

Building  or upgrading IT infrastructure for your business is our priority? We can provide a free network assessment and manage all your IT needs. 


And more!

We can help support your IT team or manage your IT needs for your business. We offer monthly maintenance plans that are tailored to your needs. Contact us for a free network assessment!